Development Opportunity - Saving Variables Outside Storyline

I have and opportunity for what should be a simple development for someone who is web savvy enough.

I have an initial entry form to capture first name and select their role from a dropdown like this:

I need the values of these 2 variables to be stored on the computer somewhere (whether pc, mac, ipad or other tablet etc) for future visits so that when the user comes back later and opens my training that these fields are already populated.  On a pc that would be cookies but not sure about the other platforms.  I know this can be done using javascript but my development days ended 10 years ago and I'm not as web savvy as I'd like to be.

My Storyline files are embedded in TalentLMS as the management system. Hopefully that's not a deal breaker.

Is anyone able to give me a reasonable quote to get this done.  I don't have much of a budget but am happy to consider what's reasonable.  Please post here:

1) if this can be done

2) how much you would charge for this

3) your timeframe for completing this

I also would expect to be given some support to implement and test on multiple devices.

Thanks in advance


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Steve Flowers

Hi Stephen,

Are you publishing to SCORM? If so, you should be able to leverage the suspend data element Storyline employs to restore states and variables on subsequent visits. If you want to be sure the variable restored when relaunched, you'll need to use Prompt to Resume or Always Resume under Other in the Player settings dialog.

Stephen Lee-Burman

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for your speedy reply and the possibility I could do this myself. 

Yes I'm publishing to SCORM.  There are many community posts on suspend data but I'm wondering if there are any tutorials that discuss this in step by step fashion as I'm not familiar with this feature.



Steve Flowers

Hi Steve,

Nothing you really need to do. It's built-in and automatic. So let's say you create a variable in Storyline called myVariable. And you use a field to set this variable to anything you type into the field. Publish this to SCORM, load to your LMS. Then launch the module and enter a value. Exit. Then come back. The value should be persistent. No JavaScript or fancy stuff required

As long as resume is set to always or prompt, it'll resume. Provided the user doesn't answer the resume dialog with "no". 

Steve Flowers

Hope it works out for you, Steve. You can think of the SCORM suspend data element as a server side cookie. Unlike a browser cookie, no matter where someone logs in, the data should restore back to the launched module. So if you start a module on the desktop but finish it on a tablet, states and variables should transfer over to the new device.