DevLearn Interactive Vid Example: 3 Circles?

Hi there - There was an outstanding Storyline interactive video example I believe called "Frontline" shared at a DevLearn session a couple week ago.  The scenario highlighted a man speaking straight into the camera--I believe discussing a family tree.  He drew 3 empty circles in front of the lens, which became animated buttons.  Does anyone recall or know this work, and where I may be able to view it again?

Thanks much!

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David Anderson

Hi Marc,

Here's the workshop example page I put together for DevLearn:

The video I think you're looking for is this one: It wasn't built in Storyline but it could easily be built using techniques shown in this example:


marc ramos

Thanks everyone!  Also, I'm quite a fan of immersive of interactive storytelling such as the 3 below.  If anyone has come across storyboards or related production best practices it would be great to share.  Happy to share my findings too!  

Thanks much!



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