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Trina Rimmer

Hi Vanessa! If I'm understanding the effect you're going for, there's a pretty easy way you could set that up by using a timeline trigger. I've created this quick Peek video to show you what's involved.

If that's not quite the effect you're going for, feel free to reply here and I'll help you brainstorm some different ideas. Have a great weekend!

Mac004 Asdu

Hello All:

I came across Michael's tachometer on eLearning Heroes and it is awesome! Great job. I clicked on the link to view the triggers but it is broken. Does anyone have the design handy and possibly share the details in creating it? I've got a project that could use something just like it!



Michael Anderson

Leslie, thanks for posting the project for Mac. I developed that one quite a while ago and the 404 link embedded is to my old web site.

Wendy, I'm not sure why this doesn't work inside Review, but I've seen some other projects do the same when there is a lot of javascript involved.