Dial not working on a laptop once on LMS

I created a Storyline 360 dial interaction with 3 "stops" (values). (See attached picture). When you change the dial to a specific value the state for a text box is changed from hidden to normal. It works fine when I use a desktop mouse or laptop mouse in Storyline preview mode.

However when I publish to LMS (HTML 5 with Flash fallback) and upload to my LMS, the laptop mouse does not work with the dial properly on the slide. This is when I try to left click and hold the dial on my laptop it does not work properly. It does not work at all or just skips the different stops and goes straight to the end value. 

I am using Chrome and an LMS called Saba. Anyone run into this? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Cory! 

Since the dial is working correctly in Storyline preview but it's skipping stops in Saba LMS, I'd recommend testing it outside of Saba.

SCORM Cloud is an excellent tool for LMS testing because it's industry-standard and it's free!

Upload the LMS output file to SCORM Cloud, and give it a test in Chrome. Better yet, I can help you with that testing! Send your file to me privately by uploading it here, and I'll take care of the rest.