Dial not working with windows touch device

I tried to use a dial and now I see that it does not work on touchdevices (win 10). It looks like there is a problem with device supporting mouse and touch at the same time. Dial works fine on "normal" tablets but as soon as it comes to convertibles the dial does not work.

Does Anyone else have expierences with win 10 touch and dial?

And it looks like there is the same problem with sliders.

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Crystal Horn

Hello Margit!  The support for gestures on touchscreen laptops is not going to function the same way as it would on a mobile device.

If you are using a desktop browser, you will experience the normal player for your Storyline projects.  The responsive player will only display for truly mobile devices, such as tablets or phones.  On desktops and laptops, touch gestures are read by the browser a little differently.

For best performance, advise your users to stick with the mouse and keyboard for desktop and laptop experiences, and to use tapping and other touch elements on tablets and phones.