Dialogue box functionality and dimming background.

Jul 11, 2012

Two questions, really:

1.  User clicks an object and I have another layer appear.  A "pop-up", so to say.   I know how to assign the action to close the dialogue box when the user clicks in the box or out of the box.  I'm wondering if there is a simple "x" trigger or button I can put in the dialogue box so the user intuitively knows hows to close that dialogue box?

2.  When I have the dialogue box appear (through using layers) is there a way to have the background dim (as it does in the editing mode) during the live mode? 


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Diane Elkins

For #1, add a button to the layer and then select an X icon from the list of icons on the left side of the button format tab.  Assign that button the close layer trigger.

For #2, add a semi-transparent rectangle to your layer.  For example, create a rectangle the same size as a slide and make it black with 20% transparency.  Put that rectangle at the bottom level of your layer.  (Transparency is done via the Format Shape dialog box, available on the right-click menu for a shape.)

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