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Tyler Braddick


After looking over the user guide section Storyline 360: Working with Dials it does require that the user interacts with the dial. 

There are ways to make the dial change its value using triggers, which I see you had already figured out. Great work! 

The specific task you're trying to accomplish requires a little bit of a different trigger and the settings for that are as follows:

Action: Adjust Variable

Variable: Set Dial (insert correct dial object) to value (insert value desired)

When: When the timeline starts on 

Object: this slide

No conditionals unless you wish to include them. 

I'll attach a screenshot of this as well. 

I was looking at your test story project and you also have some additional triggers that jump to the slide that matches the value. Are you trying to allow the user to use the dial as a navigational tool? That is a really neat idea! 

I hope this information helps!

I also made the changes I described to your test story so you could see it in action as well!

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Shirleen Wong

Hi Tyler, 

Thank for you such comprehensive tips!

Yes, I'm trying to use the dial as a navigation tool for the user to go to different slides :)

I saw your modifed.story, that looks good. However, it seems that the dial always go back to initial value 1 when I drag it to 3. I post it on review here:


Did the dial behave the same too on your computer? or its just mine.

Thank you!