Dictionary spelling English (U.S.) "utilized" to utilised" English (U.K.) American to British/Australian - Spell Checker

Im am converting American to Australian content.

English (U.S.) to English (U.K.)

A few words like the US spelt: utilized are not being underlined as incorrect or suggested to change spelling to the UK version: utilised

I have changed my Spelling Dictionary from US to UK, I have ran spell check without being detected and I even tried adding the to my custom "AutoCorrect" list with nil success

utilized utilsed



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lee and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊

I appreciate you popping in to share what you are experiencing in your project as well as the steps you took, which allowed me to replicate it.

We do have an open issue that our team is looking into where words added to the autocorrect chart are not updating as expected. I've added this conversation so that they are aware of the user impact and so that we can share updates with you here.

Lee Nielsen

Hi Leslie, thank you for that information.

Does the 'AutoCorrect' only work when the text is being typed in real time - I have seen this work in some case like when I spell 'Color' it automatically changes it to 'Colour' like I expected? But I do a lot of 'copy pasting' and it does not seem to work in that scenario and my custom 'AutoCorrect list' does not seem to be included when I run a manual SpellCheck.