Difference between Preview and Design mode

Sep 02, 2019

Hello all, 

I'm sure this is just a silly mistake on my part but I am seeing a difference in the screens I am creating in Storyline when I switch to the Preview mode. The screen is a slightly different ratio and objects appear in slightly different places. 

This is causing an issue as I am covering lots of parts of the screen that shouldn't be seen by the learner and as these move they become very distracting. 

I am using the custom screen size of 1080X810 and then placing in a storyline block in inside RISE. In RISE I see the same output as in the preview. 

I've added images of the differences. You can see the grey text block is in a different position relative to the rest of the screen. 

My monitor is running at 100% 1920 x 1080. 

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.  

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