Difference of font and picture size between Storyline and Presente

Hi everybody,

I have a problem here. I imported an old ppt-slide for a new project in Storyline (I wanted to use the Master Slides of the old project). Both story sizes are 720x540 (4:3).

The difference  I noticed is that my font size in the old project is 15 pt or 13 pt. In storyline the size was diminished to 11 pt or 9.5 pt. I have no clue why that happend. The ratio of everything is still okay but the whole project looks smaller in Storyline. (I checked and the "Do not autofit" is clicked in my program)

Another thing, as I tried to copy my pictures from one master slide to another (in a different scene) the picture got much bigger than it was before in the imported master slide.

Someone any ideas?

Thx a lot!


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Angela!

Importing PowerPoint content into Storyline is not an exact one-to-one conversion. As a result, text may look a bit different. And although most features in PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter are supported in Storyline, some are not. This article has more information on that. 

Do you think that's the issue you're bumping into? 

Angela Schedel

Hi Peter,

thx for the welcoming.

After i discussed the matter with a colleague of mine we found a plausible explanation.

More or less Storyline thinks that the font size measure in PPT is px instead of pt. So 15 pt become 15 px and Storyline converts this 15 pt to 11 px.

Same with the pictures. After I publish the project the ratio of the ppt project and the storyline project is the same.

But thx anyway.