Different Behavior of Review Versions on Different Computers


I badly need some brain power to help me resolving the puzzle. SL 360 published for review behaves differently on my machine and on the one of the reviewer. I have a button showing on the top of the video that is supposed to trigger the video. I also set the trigger that the button becomes hidden once clicked. All works fine on my machine. Now my client reports that once she clicks on the button, the video starts playing but the button does not disappear. If she click on the video, the button disappears but the video does not play. And she reports same on all videos of 2 different projects. I am wondering if this is only the problem of  the Review version and will be resolved in the LMS published version. For now we can not move forward because of this issue. Would appreciate any insights.

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Tamara Tarasova

If anyone working on this, please disregard. Seems that the client was clicking on  the navigation bar underneath instead of the button. The trigger to start the video after clicking on  the video was remaining from the previous set up and once it was deleted the issue got resolved. Thank you!