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Mick Irvin Garcia

I think this feature is only possible with multiple choice type questions at the moment, or maybe I am missing something. Because I do see that whenever I have Multiple Response up, Feedback type can only be set By Question only and it doesn't seem to allow Multiple Feedback. I'd be great to have this added if this hasn't been implemented yet.   

Judy Nollet

For multiple-response questions, the built-in option is to show either the Correct feedback layer or the Incorrect feedback layer. There aren't built-in options to provide more detailed feedback based on which responses were selected. 

However, you could adjust the feedback on the Incorrect layer by using conditions and states. 

  • Add states to the feedback text box as needed. For example, you could have one state for when the user selects both correct answers plus a wrong answer, and another state for when the person doesn't select either correct answer. Etc. etc. etc. for however many variations you want. 
  •  Change the state of the feedback text box by using triggers with conditions specifying which checkboxes must be selected for a given trigger to execute. Here's an example:

Good luck!