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Apr 21, 2014

Hi everybody!

I have one problem: the same Text Font is different in preview version and published.

I have created the object Text Entry to take a user's name. Then his name is saved in memory like variable TextEntry.

Next, to turn to user I use this variable TextEntry through the Reference. 

As a result, in preview version and in the Articulate I have normal text font, but in published version text font of this TextEntry is different. 

Help please!

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Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Anastasiya!

The text entered in captions is compressed to fit the caption....that means the txt will never go out of caption no matter how large you select the size of the txt.....In your file....the font is not different in all the captions....but as it is greater in length as compared to other caption's txt....and hence compressed to fit the caption....therefore it appears different.

What you can do is increase the size of the caption until the font in both the captions look the same.

Best of luck!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anastasiya,

It looks like Hassan beat me to it - thanks Hassan! The other difference you're seeing is that the variable reference text (within the % %) generally appears a little crisper than the regular text within the text boxes, so that may also be the differences you're noticing but the font type is remaining the same. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anastasiya,

Looking at those two text bubbles the font doesn't look different, but the size does look larger (maybe by 2-3 points) in the right side of the image. I looked at a few specific letters to compare them such as the a, p, r, H and they look to have the same style, end points, curvature, etc. to make me believe that they're the same font. 

Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Anastasiya!

Copy paste the caption and edit the text then, it may help. C the image below. Also I dont c both of ur captions of the same size. Moreover, even when they both will be of same size and containing equal length of txt...still when u'll revert the caption as in ur story file....still it gonna create impact to some extent.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anastasiya,

I can see a difference in weight for those fonts in your image, but the font themselves look the same, hence Hassan's suggestion to adjust the boldness. When I looked at your most recent image it appears to be a question text, so I'm not sure where the variable reference is - but as Joshua mentioned, variable references within text boxes can cause some changes to the text, based on which fonts are installed on the system viewing the content, as then Storyline will have to fall back on device fonts. You can include the variable reference in a separate text box, then the rest of your text and that way the variable text font would be the only piece impacted. 

Bruce Roberts

I had this same problem until with the help of Ryan on support, I discovered a fix that seems to work for me.  Having a comma or even a space after the variable, in the same font that you had in the text before the variable and in my example in the same font my variable was defined has solved my problem.  I even tried odd script fonts as a test. Attached is my story file.

Milton Edwards

It seems that this issue has not been resolved after several years. Strange? I ran into this font style and size issue in text boxes and variables this week. After researching this thoroughly on ELearning Heros, I tried many of your ideas to resolve my concern. Thankfully, and strangely, I did find a bandaid solution that worked after I made adjustments and published. Hope this helps others:

1. Click on the text box or rectangle containing the text variable to select it.
2. Right-click and select Edit text. The text should be highlighted.
3. Right-click again and select Font to open the Font dialog box.
4. Change the font to something other than what it shows and click OK to close the dialog.
5. Click outside the slide area to deselect the text box or rectangle.
6. Preview your change to see if the text changed. It should be different now.
7. Repeat steps 1 thru 6 to set the font back to the style and size you want.
8. Preview again. Waaala, it changed (for me anyway)!
9. Now publish and test the change in a browser. Your desired style and size should be visible.
10. Tell others if this process worked for you! ;-)

Thanks to all who've contributed over the years! Hopefully, Articulate 360 fixes all this.


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