Difficulties setting up a jump to slide trigger with multiple conditions in response to a yes or no question slide

Hi Guys,

I am having difficulty with an articulate story line project where I have to present a yes or no question slide and have the program respond to both the answer the user selected (either yes or no) and when the user clicks the submit button so the slides don't jump if the user accidentally clicks the wrong response. What I tried to do was create triggers that would either jump to the yes response slide if the user clicked on the submit button while the radio button 1 (which represented yes) was equal to selected and radio button 2 (no) was not equal to selected in the on conditions section of the triggers, and the no response if the user clicked on the submit button while radio button 1 did not equal selected and radio button 2 equal selected. So far the program works for the yes response slide (which is also the next numbered slide (1.3 --> 1.4)) but does not work for the "no" response slide (which is located in its own separate scene. Hopefully one of y'all has experienced a similar dilemma and can help me out of this pickle.


Robby Hardy

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robby, 

Have you also looked at using the "feedback by choice" if you're using a multiple choice set up question that would allow you to determine which layer or slide they are branched too? As Wendy mentioned sharing the .story file is also a good option to be able to share here and let us take a look.