Difficulty inserting large images into Storyline 360

Jan 25, 2017


I have no idea who else may have this same issue, but whenever I have to insert large images - specifically to be inserted into a scrolling panel Storyline down samples the image and quite a lot of the quality is completely lost.  It is as if it resizes the image to fit only the slide height.  What if I want to scale it to my own requirements? I've had this issue too with fine art slides that is set up for the user to explore.  Any tips, help?

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Michael Hinze

Storyline has a size limit for images (if I remember correctly it's 2028*2048px). Your image seems very tall, so you'll have to tile it, import the tiles into Storyline, reset them to their original size (see for info here) and add them to the scrolling panel. 

Also, Here is an example of a very tall, scrolleable image.

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