Difficulty playing mp4 video

I created a mp4 video in Camtasia and inserted it in a slide.  I've done this many times before with no issue.  But for some reason this video keeps stopping at about a minute in to the video.  The video plays fine on it's own so I'm guessing this something with Storyline.  Has anyone had this issue before?  I'm trying to avoid recording the video over again.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

I haven't noticed others running into a similar issue when importing an MP4 video from Camtasia. I'm eager to see what the fix might be. Have you tried inserting the video into a new project? Does it stop at the same point in a new project?

If you'd like to share your project with us, here's a secure upload link. We'll make sure to let you know as soon as we receive the project and delete the file after sharing our findings with you.