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Steve Flowers

First... Man, that looks good!  Second, let me preface this with "I hate it when people tell me to use a different format when THIS is the one I'm using", but would you consider converting the tiff to a PNG? It'll be smaller, is still a lossless compression format and carries the alpha channel and all of the relevant goodies that a tiff has.

I've attached a file re-exported as a PNG. It contains the same pixel data but weighs in at less than 1/8th the file size of the tiff. The tiff import could be failing for a heap of reasons (file size, encoding, layers, compression). It could be that tiff's exported with specific settings will come into Storyline OK. I've never had a PNG fail to import. It's a newer format, simpler to boot.


David Smith

Steve, Thanks for the reply.

Have tried the png as suggested and it works. Have to open ppt, insert then save as.... Slightly inconvenient....

Funny part is some of the tiffs import and some do not. I am wondering if saving as transparency is the culprit, I know some were and some were not.

Anyway appreciate it, and yeah what a difference in file size!