Difficulty with Layers

Nov 26, 2012


I have a course set up and one particular scene acting differently than all the others and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on correcting this.

The scene has one slide with 35 layers.  When I click the base layer in this scene I do not see the base picture that should be displaying, but I see a greyed out picture from another layer.  My other scenes are set up the same and are NOT doing this.

My base layer properties are set to Advance by User and when Revisiting Auto decide

All my layers are set up the same and I believe the default. +

Visibility = Hide other slide layers

Allow seeking = Auto Decide

When revisiting = Auto Decide

On each layer I expanded the base layer and chose to hide all by 6 things from the base layer (yes I applied this to all 35 layers)

I dont have any object set to Always show....when I go to the layer I am seeing grayed out on the base layer I dont see anything that would make it appear on the base.

Any help you can provide will be very appreciated!



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Dave Neal


I was able to replicate the issue you describe (I think) and I think I might have an answer:

  1. select your base layer
  2. scroll to the top of your layers and click the "eye" icon. 

If that doesn't work, I obviously don't understand your issue. I'd be happy to look at the .story file if you want to upload it.


Sherrie Adams


Something so simple I just did not see.  All my other layers were set like yours.  Meaning when I chose the base layer all the eyes were shut on other layers.  And as I selected layers the other layers stayed shut.

I must have accidently opened those eyes on each layer for some strange reason.

I SO appreciate your quick and extremely accurate and helpful response.



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