Difficulty with states - HELP!

Hi All,

I am trying to have a box change states from Hidden to Normal after a user clicks a hotspot. There are 10 hotspots on the page and I need a way to show them how many are left to discover at any one time. I have a box in the top left (hidden) and added two triggers:

1. The hotspot takes the user to a new scene

2. The box changes states from hidden to normal when the hotspot is clicked

I have tried as many variations as I can think off but the state of the button will not change...what am I missing.

Also open to other ways of making this happen.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Steven Elvin

Of course - there is only one box at the top of the screen at the moment - layer 1. The idea is to have 10 and another one will appear each time the learner identifies a hotspot. The purpose is to ensure the learner has completed all of the content before moving on. Once the state of all 10 boxes has changed then a new slide will be presented to the learner which will trigger the final part of the course.