Difficulty with Storyline html5 on Samsung S IIII

Hello everyone,

We are having trouble getting Storyline to display correctly on a Samsung SIII mobile phone.  The published course runs very well on Samsung tablets and iPads.

On Samsung SIII phones the course displays but all that can be seen on the screen is the top left hand quarter of the course.

If you have advice or a solution to how this can display correctly, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Regards - Mark

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Michael Hinze

You probably tried this already, but I had some success (not specifically on an SIII though) by 'fiddling' around with the Browser size and Player size settings (see some info here). Android performance seems to be hit and miss, device-specific (and yes, Android is not officially supported by Storyline yet). On my old Samsung Galaxy SII, the HTML5 output plays reasonably well, except for issues with audio and video.

Mark Dobson

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your response. I have set the SIII browser settings to:

  • Settings / Advanced / Auto-fit pages
  • Settings / Labs / Full screen

Without any improvemnet in the viewability of the course.  I see in your graphic it suggestes there's an Android App?  I couldn't find this in the Google store.

Any further suggestions would be great.

Regards  Mark

Michael Hinze

Hi Mark, actually I meant the Storyline Browser and Player settings (not the browser setting on the device). There is no Android Player app (similar to the Mobile Player App for iPad). The screenshot shows the splash screen of an HTML5-published Storyline project that I then turned into an Android app, see a brief description here.