Dim base layer

I know it can be done because I have done it on a few slides...I just can't figure out how to replicate what I did on those slides.

I have a base layer with markers on it. I want the user to view each marker prior to progressing. If they do attempt to progress prior to viewing all of the markers I have a layer that is just a text box that says "Please view all markers before advancing" when the text box appears I want everything on the base layer to be dimmed. I was a able to do it a few weeks ago on a different slide but now I forget what I did.


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Rob Morgan

Thanks that works. For some reason I thought I could do it automatically. I had considered doing that yesterday but I thought I had done it automatically on a previous slide. After investigating a little more on the slide I accomplished it on it turns out I just went to each object and changed the color to grey. I will just add a big semi-transparent box over the entire slide and then put my text box with the error message on top of that.