Dim Character Upon Returning to Base Layer

As a fairly amateur content developer I am having a blast with the Storyline.  My question:

On my base layer I have five company characters.  I have created a layer for each character, in which the character explain his/her role.  On the character layers I have a continue button that returns the learner to the base layer.  I would like to dim the each character on the base later as they are viewed by the learner but am stumped on how to do this.  Would appreciate any help. 

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Annie Jean

Hi Jill,

You can add a "visited" state to your characters.

Select the character, click on the States tab at the bottom, next to Timeline.

Click on Edit State, you can then add a new state that could be "visited".

Make the desired changes to the character and click Done editing states.

That way, as soon as your character is clicked, it becomes dimmed.

Hope it helps, don't hesitate if you have further information.

Have a nice day!