Dimming a disabled button?

How can I dim a button until the narration finishes?

I have a slide with layers that are activated by clicking on buttons, and I want them to listen to the whole narration before clicking the buttons.  They also must select all the buttons before continuing to the next slide.  I have already successfully changed the states to disabled until timeline finishes, and also have deactivated the built-in Next button until they view all the layers and added a layer to the Next button which says "you must click all the buttons before continuing to the next slide."  

All well and good, BUT I have no way to indicate that no matter how many times they click the layer buttons, they won't work until the narration ends.   Simply graying them out seems to be the best option, but I can't figure out how to do that!  Other suggestions are also welcome if there is no way to dim a button.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Karen

another trick I use is to put a shape over the buttons that is Fill white 100% transparent - which means if they see they button they can't click on them to activate and the hand cursor doesn't become active.  Then I would change the state of the shape/s to hidden when the audio completes.

David Charney

Hi Karen,

We usually either have a state that has a 50% transparency or put a partially transparent box over the button. At the end of the slide, change the button to have a 100% opacity so it is clear they can now click it.

Another thing you can do is create a trigger that checks to see if the audio layer is finished (or at the end of the timeline), if it isn't, instead of moving on, a little popup tells the user that they need to wait till the slide is complete.