Dimming selected Objects

Q1  I have a screen layout with 8 items that I wish a user to select and view.   When they select an object a new layer is displayed.  Once the layer is closed and they are returned to the previous screen, how can I set the object to be dimmed so that they know which objects they have viewed so far?

Q2  What is best - shapes or hotspots to identify the objects to be selected?

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Will Bladon


Q1- I think the best way to do this would be to create a 'State' for the shape. If you click on the object you want to do this for, then go to 'States' (next to timeline), choose 'Edit states' you can then create a new state- from the 'state names' use the 'Visited'  name.

Then change the colour of this state to the desired effect- ie a grey. Click done. This should now mean whenever anyone clicks this object it will show the layer with the trigger, and at the same time change the shape to the greyed out 'visited' state. You can also add shapes etc in the states- so could add a little tick to show it has been visited.

Q2- Guess this depends on the slide- if they are buttons that the user clicks to show a layer, then shapes. If it is more of a 'click area on the below picture' then maybe hotspots? But if each item that is clicked on is a separate object- then the trigger will make it a clickable object with a hand symbol when they hover a mouse over it.

Hope that helps

Jayashree Ravi

Hi Will, 

I've set "visited" state to some of the clickables on the screen. They work when I click on them. But they don't work when I click the object and when it navigates to a different layer. 

So, basically, I've set some triggers, on clicking the boxes they open a layer. I want the learner to differentiate the objects that is clicked and objects which are clicked. Is there a way?