Direct Linking to Resources - Republishing - Storyline Ignore Address in Trigger - Uses Player Address

Version: Storyline 3

OS: Windows 10

When I direct link to a Resource, it works the first time. But then it fails when I republished.

1) In the Player, I'm uploading a .pdf Resource from my hard drive.

2) Then, as described in in this article, I'm linking an object to the resource.

The first time I publish, it works fine. But then, when I republish, in the published course, the link to the resouce ignores the address/folder structure established in step 2. Instead, it tries to open the resource using the address/folder structure in step 1. Yet, in the Storyline source file, the step 2 address/folder structure still exists.

I included captures that show what I described above since I can't upload the file.

Why does this happen? What can I do to fix it?



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Tom Kuhlmann

I tested it and republished and it works as intended at this end. 

  • Make sure to have the latest update. I think SL3 was just updated recently.
  • As you noted, the third image looks like it's trying to access the file from your local documents folder and not from published course. Can you do a screen grab of the trigger panel to show what the trigger states? Something like this
Patrick Lambe

Hi Tom. Thanks for your response!

I finally found the time to install the latest update. Thanks for the reminder.

I can't get into the link included. My firm recently implemented Microsoft Smart - which apparently has flagged the site.

My workaround has been to, everytime before I publish, recopy and paste the links I used in the trigger. The worst part is that the course is locked and this content occurs near the end. So everytime I republish I have to sit through the course to test those links.

When I use this type of link again, I'll watch to see if this update made a difference.

Thanks again,



Phil Mayor

Couple of things I can see, you have spaces in your filename which will get replaced and likely will not work.

It looks like your file names are wrong. For the image you provide showing the resource attachment the name is Best Coast Cruisers but the filename is Control deficiency... you need to link to the file name as imported not the title. It also looks like you are using the url rather than using story_content/external_files/MyFile.pdf