direction of the text- multi Languages


I have a projext that contaiin 3 scenes- every scene is another Language- one for Hebrew, one for Arabic and one for English,

I also have 2 slide master- one design for right to left text and the other design for left to right text,

my problem is that every time i save and close the project and open it after all the slides in hebrew and arabic become left to right text,

Does anyone know how I deal with that?

Does it matter what slide master is the first in the slide master view?

Thank you,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Revital!

This behavior is controlled at the Player level, so I'm not confident that you will be able to have both left-to-right language and right-to-left language in the course.

You can check out how to enable right-to-left support here, but again, this is at the player level and would affect the entire course.