Disable Accessibility in Storyline

Nov 25, 2019


We understand the importance of accessibility, but in our case, we would like to turn it off. Is there a way to turn it off globally in Storyline 360? Please advise.


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Jeff Forrer

This is on by default, I don't think you can change that however you can go to the Tab Order button and remove all of the items from the tab order using the trash can, or through Accessibility for each item individually per the dialog for that item.  Note that the player will remain in the tab order.

You can change the color of the yellow tab to another color per suggestions of others in the community here if that helps:



Benny Kurniawan

Hi all,

Thank you for the tips. Right now, we go to the accessibility option on that object and turn that feature off. As you might already guess, that will take a lot of time. There is some portion in the course that we don't want the user to get confused with what is the "yellow" highlight. We wish Articulate creates an easy way to modify the accessibility options. Again, thank you for the tips.

Tracy Windsor

Ok lets try this again...
I have Turned off all the Alt Text (accessibility) access for everything on the slide. I also turned it off at the master slide level. I have deleted everything from the Tab Order. The yellow line is still appearing around my slide. HELP!

I'm not good with javascript and do not understand where I would put it. When I added it to the slide in a trigger... it said it was invalid. Any help would be greatly appreciate while I still have some hair left :(


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