Disable all sounds throughout course button


I've produced a course in storyline (v1) and have been asked if there's a way the user can disable the audio if they dont want it (throughout the entire course, on videos aswell, etc...).

is it possible to display a button at the beginning of a course that when clicked would so such a thing? or would it be a case of adding a variable (eg. SoundOn=true/false) which gets set when the button is clicked and then add a trigger on each page to deal with the audio? (this wouldn't work for the video though i guess)



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Steve Flowers

There are a few options for globally adjusting audio within the player. However, I find it's easiest to allow folks direct control using one of the built in methods:

  • The volume slider (when shown) in the bottom navigation bar applies to the entire course.
  • The volume selector within Windows or Mac will set the volume for the entire system.
  • The volume knob on many headphone sets and speakers will also provide direct control over volume.

Going another route, there's a Flash widget in the forums that will mute audio for you. This is a use at your own risk item and might have unforeseen consequences. In that same thread there are some suggestions for muting in HTML5.