disable auto-resume feature in a published storyline file?

I have a published storyline module that I noticed is automatically resuming where the learner left off. Unfortunately my learners are going to be using the same computers and won't be using an LMS. Is there a way to disable the auto-resume feature by editing the HTML? I would prefer not having to republish the entire module to just make this small change.


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Cary Glenn

Here is a link on how to change the auto-resume feature.


You will have to republish it.

Question: The learners will be using the same computer, but are they using the same login? I would think that if they are using different logins they wouldn't be able to use the auto-resume feature. I haven't tried it thought as I have always used an LMS.

Will Findlay

Thanks. I thought that might be the case. I guess that is one advantage of Articulate Presenter -- easier to hack these kind of settings after publishing.

They are volunteers and therefore will using the same Windows login during training since they don't have computer access after training.