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Oct 21, 2013


Is there a possibility to make built-in "Selected" or "Visited" button state unclickable, i.e. disabled?

I already use Normal, Hover, Disabled states, but when there is Selected state used I want to make the button not only visually checked, but also disabled.

Thank you

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Jelena Labute

Thank you Leslie for the support.

I will follow Phil's advice, just wanted to precise one more thing - is it possible to use 2 Disabled states at once?

I mean that I already have one Disabled state, and if I will add one more Disabled state (the one which looks like the visited state) - will programme still recognize that it is also disabled state?

Because I already did it and called the second state 'Disabled2', but it did not work.


Antony Snow

Hi Jelena,

Cristina's solution of adding a transparent shape over the button's 'Completed' state should prevent the user from clicking on the button and therefore make it disabled.

When you added the shape, did you set the shape fill to 'No fill'? If you did, then the user will still be able to click 'through' the shape on top so you will need to apply a 100% transparency fill instead.

Jelena Labute

Dear all,

Thank you very much for your comments! Your help is very much appreciated.

I still was able to disable state:

1. Deleted Selected/Visited state

2. Created separate layer -  with transparent shape and check - to cover active (normal) button and disable it when it will be required (i.e., when user will complete quiz).

Unfortunatly, I still was unable to do this on my main layer, because when I added transparent shape over, button still was active. Even when the shape was not transparent. Maybe here is some trick and my omission. But I am glad that despite everything now button works as I wanted

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