Disable button to content until other topics are visited, but button won't go back to Normal state when visited

I have been stuck on this problem all week.    I have a menu screen (I used the preform template Axis) where I have 5 links to topics.  The last link is to the quiz (a company requirement).  On the 5th diamond (link to quiz), I set a trigger that says to disable it until diamonds 1-3 are Visited.  I added a 2nd trigger to change the state of the 5th diamond to Normal if any of the 3 diamonds are  Visited.  I've tried all kinds of combinations for the 2 triggers, including changing the requirement from  "Any of", "All of" or "None of" to no avail.  Any ideas?  Using Articulate Storyline 360.  Thanks.  

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Walt Hamilton

If the links to topics 1-3 take the learner to different slides, the visited behavior is unreliable. If you are depending on "Visited" state to fire your triggers, it may happen, or it may not.

Here is a sample that uses variables, which are always reliable, to do the same thing. Run it in restricted mode, and I think it will be what you seem to be describing. It may give you some ideas. otherwise, like Wendy says, use the ADD ATTACHMENT button to share your story here.