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Walt Hamilton

My personal OPINION is that it is abuse of the user to show functional items that do not function, without an explanation. To disable the button, and to create an explanation is, to me, spending too many resources for very limited return.

I routinely turn the glossary off only for those slides where I don't want to distract the learner with it.

Walt Hamilton

The disabling of the button on certain slides will cost a lot of resources (unless you already know how to customize the player to this extent). The client may not want to invest that much when they can have the button disappear for free :)

In the computer world, the answer to "Can we ...?"  is generally "Yes, but are you able and willing to commit the resources it takes?"

Stu Hilton

Hi Walt,

We tried turning off the global setting, but realised that all of the individual slides had been set to show the glossary, so the link was still showing in the player.

Having been through the slide deck, and thinking we'd changed every slide, we re-published and still saw the glossary link.

So it seems that an individual slide setting will override the global setting. we are still searching for the rogue slide (or slides...).


Stu Hilton

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for that, that's the solution to my earlier post.

However, experimenting a bit with another story, I can set individual slides on and only those show the glossary link, or select all on and all show the link (as expected).

The issue we're having is that despite all of the slides and the global settings being off, we are still seeing the glossary link on every slide via the preview.  (This is in Storyline2).