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May 02, 2018

Hello Articulate Superheroes. I was wondering if there was a way to disable the hover for hyperlinks? I made a custom color theme which makes the text red to fit branding guidelines, but the rollover or hover gives a pretty hideous pink hover color. Even if I could change the color, that would help. For some reason I can't find this option.

Note: I usually stay away from hyperlinks and use hotspots for resources links, but there are a ton of links for this project, so I have to use a scrolling panel. PLEASE HELP!! lol


Thanks in advance,


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Trevor Peglowski


You can change the color by going to Design > Colors > Create New Color Theme (https://community.articulate.com/series/4/articles/working-with-theme-colors-in-articulate-storyline-2). I don't remember which color is that hyperlink glow.

I usually avoid all this by taking the word(s) I want to use as a hyperlink, cutting them from the original text box, putting spaces in to recreate the gap, and pasting them back in. I then make that TEXT BOX the thing that is 'triggered', and can make states on that. Sometimes the internal hyperlinking can be buggy, in my experience. 

Emanuel Falade

Yes, unfortunately the only reason I'm using hyperlinks is because there is a ton of text that needs to scroll in a panel, so I have to use one large box that scrolls within a scrolling panel. Otherwise I would just use hotspots and control the states with triggers. I have no problem changing the color of the text, but storyline auto-creates a lighter hue of that text color as a hover state. That color isn't available for editing in the themes panel even after I saved a new theme. If that makes it any clearer what the issue is :(
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Trevor Peglowski


I'm almost certain that you can make hotspots move with text in a scroll bar. It's a bit tricky, but it worked in the attached story file. You just have to drag and drop the hotspot INSIDE the scroll bar after you find the right spot. 


Scrollbars are great, but sometimes you have to just keep playing around until something works with them :)

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