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Jul 05, 2017

Hi All,

Hello, all!
I am creating some online modules using SL2 where I publish each one as SCORM 2.1 for uploading to a Moodle LMS.

When each module is uploaded to the online LMS it each gets it own URL address.

On the last slide of each module, I have a placed a button titled " Next Module" on that button I have set the URL address which the Moodle LMS generates for each SCORM. The idea is that they progress through the course from Module One to Module Two etc.

My question is how do I disable the " Next Module" button until the user has viewed all the slides in the module. I want to prevent them progressing to the next module until they have  viewed all the slides in the module.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Carmelo Moschella

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the reply.

The Next Module Button is linked to each  individual URL address of each Module as they appear in the LMS.

I did use Variables to disable the Next Module button previously.


I had questions in each Module and used the Quiz results to disable the Next button. Now that I have removed all questions and the results Slide. The user now answers questions in the LMS.   I need assistance with the coding (Variables) to detect the number of Slides viewed to disable the Next Module Button.

Thanks in advance.

Phil Mayor

Linking to the URL will open the module, i just don't know that will mark complete as it may not open in the Moodle player.

I would have  trues false for each slide (set to false) that is set to true on timeline start. I would then set a trigger to change the state of the button from hidden to normal on condition that all of the variables are true.

Carmelo Moschella

Hi Phil ,

Yes I the linked Next Module button does open the URL on the LMS. When I had the Results Quiz Slide the Variable for number of  percentage of questions answered  correctly disabled the Next Module Button.

  I think I understand what you mean. If you have an example file that you could upload for me to view that would greatly assist me please.

Will  try give your suggestion a try out and get back to you in due course. 



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