Disable next button until media (swf) completes?

Feb 28, 2013

I'm trying to disable the storyline next button until the media completes.  

  • I created a sim1 variable that is false.
  • I created a trigger that said to jump to the next side when the user clicks the next button if the sim1 is equal to true.
  • I tried to create a trigger that adjusted the variable of sim1 to true when the media completes but the media I have on the timeline doesn't show up as an option in the object dropdown.

Any ideas if this can be done or what I'm doing wrong?

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John Papiernik

I have built work arounds for issues like this. If you have any text or objects onthe same slides, create a new state for one of those objects. Have the new state be exactly the sam as the current state. Have that state change at the end of the timeline. Then place a condition on the next button that the object you created the state for has to be in the newly created state before the next button will work.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi John,

I don't have anything on screen except for my sim.  And I have users clicking in the swf to interact with it so I'm not sure what I would put on screen or where I would put it .  I'm having issues because the storyline timeline is separate from the captivate/swf duration.  The swf is self-directed so the duration varies.

Doug Brown

I'm not sure what you mean the "swf (completes)"

A trigger is required to enable Storyline to respond.

As the swf has no specific end point then it is not possible to detect when to respond.

If you have the source code, then you could embed a javascript call in the swf to set a Storyline variable.

This could then be used to activate the next button.

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