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Matthew Bibby

Daniel, can you please explain this a bit more?

Unless something has changed recently that I've overlooked, there is no way to monitor the position of a scroll panel. The only way that I know to do this is to use a slider and style it to look like a scroll panel and use the variable associated with the slider to monitor progress. 

Daniel Servan

Hi Matthew,

It is simply by dividing the content into Layers.
Let say, the content requires 5 clicks for a complete scroll. Then let's display the first scroll into Layer 1, 2nd scroll into Layer 2 and so on. If Layer Layer 5 is shown which is the last scroll, activate the Next Button.

This method is just mimicking the scroll pane but using a click instead of a dragging.

For adding the beauty of the content, add a Motion Path to have a smooth scrolling.

Don Yanaitis

Another option using Storyline's scrolling panel function is to embed the Next button at the end of your document. I use this for policy acknowledgments. I embed some basic instructions above the document, then the document itself, and finally some completion instructions with an "Agree" button. I disable the slide navigation and use the Agree (or Next) button embedded in the scrolling panel to trigger advancement; for me, that completes the course / acknowledgment. This work really nicely on both desktop and mobile players - as on mobile the learner simply touches the screen and drags to scroll. Hope this helps.