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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lis,

Great question! If you're using a PDF web object, that'll defer to the PDF viewer where the web object is hosted. There isn't a way to control or modify those elements inside Storyline.

Is the concern about downloading that users would have access to your content for longer than the course? Most discussions here in the community about protection of content, stopping users from downloading it, or copying it, etc. focus on ensuring that you've cleared state copyright or trademark elements in the beginning and throughout the course. 

Scott Stachiw

Hi Crystal,

It's just a web object pointing at an external link.  From what I've been able to determine, SL360 is simply passing on the html5 player controls used by the browser.  

Do you know if there is a .js or .css script created by SL360 that would allow me to add a line for controlling that video?  

We found a work-around by embedding a video from a custom player, but if there is a way to control the player options of a web object by manipulating the story.html (or other files) it would be great to know.