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Gerry Wasiluk


I believe the player--in one form or another--is needed to hold and display the content.

That said, the player can be customized to either remove some things or have others disappear in the background via things like changing colors to match the background.

I'd review the tutorials on customizing the player.  Start here:  http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/customizing-the-storyline-player.aspx

And then review the rest of the player tutorials available in the sidebar:

C. Ferguson

I'm a little late to this conversation. Looks like helpful feedback. In my experience, you can remove everything from the player's "skin" until you are left with a thin line around the border. That thin line remains. It's nonintrusive and neutral grey so hasn't been an issue for myself. Probably a little coding could remove the thin line if absolutely needed.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Adam for sharing your thoughts here - we've seen folks turn off all player elements to have that chromeless player and as you mentioned there may be that thin border line, but that is likely more noticeable based on your slide background and the background of you web server/LMS window. 

If you've got the coding information to share here I"m sure that other users who come across this forum discussion would be happy to have that in hand as well!