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Erika M

Hi Anthony,

Yes go to Storyline View

click ONCE on the slide that you want to desable the next button

look at the menu that is on your right there disable Next or Prev

This action you will have to do it one by one of the slides you want to desable the NEXT button


Open your slide  and on the right menu

You will see a little ring like a tool click on it and then disable NEXT or PREV

I hope this helps, good luck


Helen Tyson

Hi Anthony

There are no states as such for the Next or Previous buttons, however you can add conditions to their triggers so that they only function if other things are in place, such as the state of on slide objects:

To do this open the Show COnditions link on the Trigger Wizard and Add you condition based on either a variable, shape or window.



Tim Wright

My best solution so far has been to uncheck the next button for that slide and when the interaction is done take the user to an identical slide (copy) that has the next button. For the user it is seamless. You will still need to tell the user that they get the next button after the interaction is complete.