Disable the Next Button Until Learners Finish the timeline

Dear Friends,

I work on "Disable the Next Button Until Learners Finish the timeline" and i did this for all slides. all conditions are working properly. but when i again jump on that slide i don't  want  the condition again on the slide. 

I only want when user visit first time on the slide a that time condition work and when again user come on the same slide the condition become false. I attached my file for reference.

Please Help Me.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Ashok!

One thing you can do is set the resume function in the Player menu under the Other tab, to "always resume"

This will restart the course under the saved state and users will be able to navigate freely upon a second return to the course.

You can test the course with this added in the SCORM Cloud , the industry standard for testing content, to make sure it works as needed.