Disable X to close a lightbox

Dec 03, 2020


I have a game with a base slide board game that when the player stops on a specific no, a question is opened in a lightbox slide, you submit the answer, and return to the base board game slide. 

There is an X that the player can close the lightbox slide question without submitting the answer- I want to eliminate this X, and can't find where it comes from... I believe it is somewhere in the player. How can I disable it? attaching an image to show it. Thanks

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Shevi,

All lightbox slides have certain elements built in: the semi-transparent background that covers the entire player, a defined area where the slide content shows, and that X button to close the lightbox. You can't change those features. 

However, there is an alternative: Instead of lightboxing the question slide, jump to that slide. You can use the Slide Properties to turn off Player features and slide-navigation buttons as desired.

For example, I'd turn off all default navigation buttons (and the Menu, if one is used). I'd probably create my own Submit button, too, so it's on the slide instead of in the Player.

The simplest way to make all that work is to provide immediate feedback, and then change the triggers on the Correct and Incorrect Continue buttons so they return to the board game slide.

  • Otherwise, if there's no immediate feedback, the "Submit Interaction" trigger will jump to the next slide, because that's what it's programmed to do.
    • Though here's the workaround for that: Put the question in its own scene, with no other slides. Also add a trigger to the Submit button to jump back to the board game after it submits the interaction. 
Judy Nollet

Hi, Shevi,

Some people use lightboxes for content that needs to be accessible throughout the course or, at least, from multiple slides. Others use lightboxes for tab interactions. It's really a matter of personal preference, plus the look-and-feel that you want.

I use a lightbox when it makes sense to (1) freeze the entire player, (2) make it obvious that is happening, and (3) do that with minimal effort.

However, as you discovered, that X button is always there in a lightbox. So you can't lightbox a slide if you need to force an interaction on that slide. In such a case, I would either jump to the slide (and adjust its features and navigation as needed) or use layers. 

To answer your second question: You can only set one slide size in a Storyline file. However, you could make a given slide look smaller than the others by having its background blend with the Player, and then creating a smaller area for the actual content.