'Disabled' and 'normal' states when revisiting

Jul 22, 2013

I have a slide where the base layer functions as a menu (six buttons trigger separate layers each with a quiz question). I built triggers so that when:

-the timeline starts all buttons are disabled except for the Question 1 button

-when Question 1 button has been visited Question 2 button goes to 'normal' (active)state

-when Question 2 button has been visited Question 3 button goes to 'normal' (active) state

-and so on

After going to each question slide, users select an answer to the question and see the appropriate (correct or incorrect) feedback layer. Then they click the 'continue' button and go back to the base layer.

I have a separate slide that is a reference guide and is linked in the player, so as to be accessible at any point in the lesson. The reference slide only has a previous button in the player. Whenever it is viewed, the user can click the prev button to go back to the menu slide. The problem is that when the user goes to the reference guide after visiting Question 1, Question 2 becomes 'disabled' again and hence the user can't visit or answer any of the remaining questions. I have slide properties set to resume saved states.But it seems SL is not 'saving' or recalling that the Question button states have been triggered to 'normal.'

I can't seem to tell what the problem is here. Any help would be very much appreciated!!



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Ellen Benegar


Thanks so much for this post.  I was trying to change the button states from disabled to normal and then to visited as each scene in the lesson was visited. I tried every way to do it, but then I found this post which was so simple!    Here's the final code that I used for anyone who might have the same trouble doing changing button states on scenes.


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