Disabled Browser Window Controls

Hi everyone,

A client has reported that 2 out of 4 modules are launching with the controls to maximize/minimize the window disabled when tested in their LMS. All 4 of the modules are configured the same way in regard to browser settings:

  • Resize to fill screen
  • Scale player to fill browser window
  • Launch page is disabled

So, 2 modules are working fine, but the newest 2 are exhibiting this unexpected behavior.

I'm not sure if any updates happened, but the 2 that are working fine were published in December 2015, and the 2 that have the issue were published in February 2016.

Any insight or help is greatly appreciated.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! May I ask if the 2 modules where you are seeing the unexpected behavior have been tested in the SCORM Cloud, as well? If you'd like to share the files for those courses, we would be happy to perform some testing on our end. This article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud may be of assistance, also. 

And could you share the name of the LMS provider you use, in case there are others in the community who utilize the same service, and they can share if they have had similar experiences?

Michael Jones

Hi Christie,

I tested both in SCORM Cloud and haven't been able to replicate what our client has reported, but I'm also on a different set-up from what they're targeting.

It's my understanding that they're using the Salesforce LMS.

I'll have to check whether the project manager/client or not they want us to open the support ticket and share the course files with your support team. Thanks!