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Aug 05, 2013


So I have an introduction scene that branches in four different scenes, I would like to disabled the buttons in the introduction so the learner completes the scenes in the correct order. How do I change them to a 'normal state' once they have completed a scene?

Thank you!

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Sara Reller

You have a couple options.

You could disable (or hide depending on what you are looking for) the additional buttons and then add a trigger to change the state of the button so that it is normal after the state of your other buttons is visited. This is really easy and quick and gives the user lots of flexibility, including clicking the scene then jumping back to the intro slide, which you may or may not want. 

You could also set up a variable that only registers on the final slide of a scene that then adjusts to show the button for the next scene upon that variable change. This requires the user to finish each scene before they go on and still gives them the option to go back to previous scenes.

Finally you could just have the scenes in order and when you get to the end of scene 1 your option is to go onto scene 2 and that's the way you get to scene 2. This really locks the user into taking things in the order you've laid out but (may) remove some of the flexibility for the user.

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