Disabled Buttons: Color Doesn't Change

Dec 13, 2012

Hi All,

I've got "back" and "next" buttons on the base layer which are coloured green for all states except for the "disabled" state, which is coloured grey.  Clicking these buttons will show several layers in a set order both forward and backward. 

The idea is that the "back" button will be disabled when the first layer is visible (since there is nowhere to go back to) and the "next" button will be disabled when the last layer is visible (since there is nowhere to go forward to). 

This is working so far except for one puzzling thing: although these buttons are functionally disabled when the first/last layers are showing  - they are not displaying their disabled color (grey) - instead they remain green. 


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Carol Rusin

This seems to be quite an old issue, but I don't see a resolution & am new to Storyline (using Storyline, Update 6).

The disabled state works sometimes & not others:

Was there a resolution to this?

Here's a link to the published program (2 slides, the one above, and the one w/ the issue). It's valid through 10/24/14.




Carol Rusin

Sure.  the attachment

disabledIssue.story is

A one slide .story with the same button, rectangle, & triggers.

I'll send a followup post w/ the .story from the original question ... it's not allowing me to attach 2 things here.

... sorry for the delayed response - I normally get an email to alert me of responses, but missed that email this time


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Carol,

I downloaded the issue+2.story that you said is from your original post. On the first side of that story, you said, "...If I click anything else prior to the rectangle (there was once a lot of things on this page), the trigger only works partially ...) [Bold is mine]

So, I added a shape with a selected state onto that slide. I've tested by clicking it first, then clicking the rectangle, and the button appears to be changing as it should, that is the text is black and the background is grey.

Perhaps there was something funky going on initially with that slide? I know it's happened to me!

Carol Rusin

Becky & Leslie,

I'm still running into an issue.  Becky, if I download your issue_2b2_rfc.story, and click the button first (changing it to the 'visited color' of orange), then click the rectangle to disable the button - it stays the orange color.  Can you do that test on your end w/ that .story & let me know your result.   I thought perhaps the latest update would cure this, but alas, it did not.



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