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Jeremie Leverich

Thanks for yourresponse Ashley. 

I found that listof short keys and have been using them. Big time saver. I think I may haveactually found one that is not on that list and don't know what it was/is. Butit is slowing me down considerably. I have debugged the issue to determine itis local (on 1 machine). We have several licenses so I was able to test the issueon different machines.

Somehow I havemanaged to disable my mouse from being able to drag to resize any object. Imust use the long way (right click, format text box/size and position,). Iknow those shortkeys to bring those windows up as well. I am also unable toclose slide window tabs once opened from the story view. I am unable to dragany object using my mouse. I must position all objects by using the Size andPosition option. Can you please help figure out what keyboard shortcut was usedto disable this time saving feature of being able to use my mouse to positionand resize objects.  

ps. I haveuninstalled and reinstalled Articulate Storyline.