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Suraj More

Hello Leslie,

I used Articulate Storyline 2 trial version to check if the restricted navigation works fine. It did work, but some how messed up bullet colors (last bullets color changed to black from maroon), text spacings for the options in knowledge checks moved and bold text appears a bit elevated from the baseline.

I suspect during the conversion of the .story files from storyline 1 to storyline 2 messes up the text formattings.

this caused me a lot of rework/rechecking on the module and the translated modules as well.

Is there a work around where we can restrict the player menu via javascripts to make it work on ipad? or may be just check if you are getting a update out soon to fix this in storyline 1.

We have a lot of modules built in storyline 1, and now upgrading to Storyline 2 doesnt seem a viable option if it messes up the formattings. 

Just need this fixed for HTML5 published versions and not for the AMP.