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I am building a course and in several slides I have disabled the Next button when the timeline begins but set a trigger to change its state to Normal once a user finishes all interactivity on the current slide (i.e. the user must click all buttons or wait for all animations to finish before the Next button becomes functional). I have found this works well to make sure the user sees all necessary content before advancing.

However, when a user completes the slide and advances but then clicks Previous, the Next button is disabled again and will not change to Normal. So the user is stuck on the slide by having clicked Previous.

I have tried to change the slide setting to "Resume Saved State" but I have the same problem. I do not want my users to have to complete every interaction over again just to be able to click Next if they have already completed the slide.

Does that make sense? Does anyone have any advice?


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)


Hi Sarah,

Use a true/false variable for the slide and set it = to false by default. Put a trigger after the disable next button trigger that sets the variable to true. Then put a condition on the trigger that hides the next button to only hide it if the variable = to false.