Disabled NEXT button does not return to normal if user goes BACK


I've got a slide 2 with 3 objects and all 3 need to be clicked in order to advance to the next slide.

I've created a trigger to disabled the NEXT button when timeline reaches 0 and a trigger to set it to normal when state of all 3 objects is visited.

I've set the slide 2 settings to "resume to saved state when revisiting" because I don't want the user to repeat the task.

On slide 2, the NEXT button gets activated after clicking the 3 objects and the user can go to slide 3. However, if the user clicks BACK from slide 3, he finds himself back on slide 2, but the NEXT button is now deactivated, even if the states of the 3 objects remains visited. 

The only option I could find to make the NEXT button work was to set the slide options to "resume to initial state when revisiting". But this is an inconvenience because the user should not be required to complete the task again but only review the visited objects.

Does anybody know the solution for this issue?


Many thanks, 



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Walt Hamilton

You could try setting the NEXT to disabled when timeline starts, then another button to set it to Normal if the states are visited, but both "states are..." and the visited state are somewhat unreliable.

If you want it to absolutely work every time, you will probably create a variable for each of the 3 objects to be clicked (T/F seem to be easiest to use) and changing the variable when the onject is clicked.

Then set NEXT to disabled when the timeline starts and immediately after set NEXT to Normal if the variables are all true. Variables are always predictable and don't reset if the slide resets, that's why this works better than states.

In the attached sample, the user must visit other slides, rather than click other objects, and the next button is a custom button, not the built-in button, but the logic works the same way.