Disabled Next Button Problem

Hi there! I really loved this idea of disabling the next button until users complete various actions before proceeding. I want to recreate in a course that I am building and have set it up the exact same way  and it doesn't seem to work.  

I have it set up as slides within a scene, and another set up to take users between screens and the next button never returns to it's normal state.

Any idea what I am missing? Here is the demo, and attached is the Storyline file.

I'd appreciate any help!

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Cédric Froehlich

Hi Valery,

I looked at your file, and I suggest to use another method... If you look the attachment, here is what I did:

- On your menu slide, I deleted the trigger which disable the next button,
- I added true/false variables for each square... They will work the same than the visited state, but as your course jumps from scene to scene, variables are more stable than objects' states (which depends on the revisiting options)... Basically, they are switches.
- I added two trigger on the next button:
         *Every trigger as some conditions... Those conditions are based on the value of each variable
         *The first one shows a layer that tell the user he must see every content before continuing. It will be shown if any of the three true/false variables is equal to "false".
         *The second one jump ton next slide... It works only if the three variables are equal to true...
- I added trigger on each square that change the value of a variable when the user clicks, and then jump to the layer (order is important here)...
- I changed the revisiting options in the base layer's options of the main slide to Resume saved state.

And that's it... I think the problem came from the trigger which was disabling the next button at the start of the sequence... Therefor, every time you were coming back on the main slide, the next button was disabling again... In the demo you shred, conditions are on the same slide (contents is on layers), but in your case you jump to other scenes... So every time you revisit the main slide, you're reseting the conditions... It's an endless loop...

I hope it helps! On my side, at last, it works!

Cédric Froehlich

My pleasure!

Here is a ressource which could help you understand what variables are: https://community.articulate.com/series/5/articles/working-with-variables

 As you can see at the end of the article, state can only track in the same slide... So in your case, variables are needed to work as states... :)